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Driving Mileage

With full charge, R6 can go as far as 100km Terra Motors has developed the electronic components especially battery, controller, charger and motor to achieve this performance.


Seat Capacity

Compact, Light
and Spacious

We design the experience for drivers and passengers.



Japanese Standard

Terra Motors carefully inspected and selected components with Japanese quality standard to provide the best lectric three-wheeler in the world.
R6 has been tested in India many times for the durability.


Saving Your Money

One of the benefits of “Electric Three wheeler” is its superb energy efficiency. Drivers can save their daily expenses and take more income to their homes. Try the cost comparison table below. You will be surprised.

e-Three Wheelers R6
e-Three Wheelers R6
Total expenses for Electricity
Gasoline Autorickshaw
Gasoline Autorickshaw
Total expenses for Gasoline
Total SavingsUSD
Electricity PriceUSD/Kwh

*0.06 USD/Kwh *Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission

Gasoline PriceUSD/L

*Delhi Petrol Price = 1.18USD/Ltr *July 01, 2014/Ltr

Average range in a daykm

Usable Yearyear

Comfortable Driving

Reverse running function

Easy to return, easy to park.

Passengers won't get wet in rain

Rain cover can be pulled down to keep the rain away from the passengers

R6 can operate in a narrow road

Motorcycle-like steering wheel gives a driver easy maneuver and small turning radius.