Japanese Rider

The best e-scooter with performance
and high-grade in the world.


Mr.Kentaro Sagawa

A Journalist of motorcycle magazine in Japan.
A Principal of Riding Academy in Tokyo.

Smartphone Connection

Connected to your Smartphone

The world’s first wireless, smartphone-connected e-scooter. Your driving information will be transmitted through an iPhone and the data can be monitored via the web.

The smart phone application will be continually updated by Terra to ensure that this amazing application is state of the art and industry leading.

※ This function is only installed on the A4000i.
※ Data can be only transmitted using the iPhone3G-5.


This is Authentic

A powerful motor allows rapid acceleration up steep inclines.
A strength of the e-scooter is our focus on developing quick acceleration.
We promise a fantastic and unique user experience.

最高速度 65km/h 定地走行距離 65km



Japanese Quality

Top tier engineers have invested many years in the design and development of the EV. The e-scooter will be manufactured to the highest Japanese standards of quality.
We promise you an exciting, unique and comfortable driving experience on the highest quality e-scooter available.


Saving Your Money

One of the benefits of using an e-scooter is reducing your expenses.
E-scooters are not only environmental friendly but also financially friendly.
Try the calculation convertor below and compare your expense using an e-scooter vs a traditional gasoline scooter.
You will be surprised at the result!

e-Scooter A4000i
電動バイク A4000i
Total Cost
Gasoline Motorcycle
Total Cost
The differenceVND
Electricity PriceVND/Kwh

※1,418ND/Kwh =The First 100kWh in HCMC (24/06/2014)

Gasoline PriceVND/L

※25,230 VND/L =RON92 in HCMC (24/06/2014)

Average range in a daykm

Usable Yearyear

Removable Battery

Remove and Charge your Battery

Unlike other common e-scooter batteries you can easily remove
and carry the Terra Battery for charging.
This is useful for users with no electrical outlet in their residential parking area.

Terra Battery

Amazingly long lasting original battery

The research and development team at Terra has succeeded in developing an industry leading long lasting battery.
It lasts about 5 times longer than standard batteries of other e-bikes.
It can be used substantially longer when compared to other e-bike batteries.