Color Variation

Enjoy color in your e-scooter life

We prepared 3 different colors for A2000.
In addition to White of A4000i, you can choose Dark-blue or red as your favorite.

Japanese Rider

The best e-scooter with high-grade
but reasonable price in the world


Mr.Kentaro Sagawa

A Journalist of motorcycle magazine in Japan.
A Principal of Riding Academy in Tokyo.


This is Authentic

A powerful motor allows rapid acceleration up steep inclines.
A strength of the e-scooter is our focus on developing quick acceleration.
We promise a fantastic and unique user experience.

Max Speed 50km/h Estimated Range 60km



Japanese Quality

Top tier engineers have invested many years in the design and development of the EV. The e-scooter will be manufactured to the highest Japanese standards of quality.
We promise you an exciting, unique and comfortable driving experience on the highest quality e-scooter available.


Saving Your Money

One of the benefits of using an e-scooter is reducing your expenses.
E-scooters are not only environmental friendly but also financially friendly.
Try the calculation convertor below and compare your expense using an e-scooter vs a traditional gasoline scooter.
You will be surprised at the result!

e-Scooter A2000
電動バイク A4000i
Total Cost
Gasoline Motorcycle
Total Cost
The differenceVND
Electricity PriceVND/Kwh

※1,418ND/Kwh =The First 100kWh in HCMC (24/06/2014)

Gasoline PriceVND/L

※25,230 VND/L =RON92 in HCMC (24/06/2014)

Average range in a daykm

Usable Yearyear