Color Variation

Enjoy color in your e-bike life

We prepared 3 colors same as A2000, White, Dark-Blue and Red.
Let's make difference with your friends.


This is the real e-bike

A powerful motor allows rapid acceleration up steep inclines. A strength of the e-bike is our focus on developing quick acceleration. We promise a fantastic and unique user experience.

  • MAX Speed

  • Estimated Distance



This is why E-bike
not E-scooter

Don't worry out of battery.
You can use pedal and it allows you to go anywhere.

Digital Meter

Fashionable and High Technology

Put the fashionable digital meter.
Very clear to see the speed and distance at one sight.

Removable Battery

Remove and Charge your Battery

You can easily remove and carry the Terra Battery for charging.
This is useful for users with no electrical outlet in their residential parking area.