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The best two wheeler design for cargo application

bizmo base model

The motorcycle for business use requires a different frame design from general vehicle because it stacks a lot of luggage. We realized tough mainframe durability by taking advantage of the steel pipe. Rear deck is located in the low position, it will hold the fluctuation at the time of loading. You can equip with a career or the large basket and BOX as option parts. Also, it's side stand is able to endure heavy burden. For electric vehicle it is important where the battery is mounted, because it greatly affects the body balance. The battery is located in on the rear swing arm pivot, we have to optimize the mass balance of the vertical and the front and rear left and right. Basic design of the frame to configure the core of all the performance elements. It is BIZMOⅡ that was to achieve an optimal design of a small two-wheeled vehicles in cargo applications.


We realized the cruising distance 150km by 1 charge
Newly developed three elements lithium-ion high-capacity battery

bizmo base model

Battery is the most important factor for good performance of electric vehicle. For good performance it requires High-output, large-capacity and stability. Then we choose Lithium battery that is to become the current state-of-the-art "three elements lithium-ion battery". A nickel-cobalt-manganese is mixed in optimum composition, output, capacity, and stability is the ideal form of automotive lithium-ion cathode material, which was achieved at a high level. BIZMOⅡis loaded this amazing sophisticated battery that 72V44Ah (3168Wh). This is a typical 3.3-fold capacity compared to 48V20Ah. The practical application of this large capacity battery, it was realized mileage comparable to gasoline vehicles of one charge = 150km. Dedicated charger large type that outputs the 72V5A from 100V power supply, the charging time is 5-9 hours and a short period of time.


You can save plenty of money by riding on BIZMOⅡ

Fuel of electric bike is only "electricity". You can easily charge in your home. You need not to take trouble to go to the gas station. Battery of BIZMOⅡ completed charging in about a maximum of eight hours, once fully charged you can run 150km. In common, the distance people drive in a day is said to 50km or less. BIZMOⅡ it will be referred to as possible on a single charge in three days, saving fuel costs (electric bill) significantly.

In addition, it comes from very simple parts so you need not to change oil and plague. The durability of Motor and Controller secured more than 30 000 km, as long as it is a common use, there is no need for exchange in less than three years. BIZMOⅡ I an electric bike that can significantly reduce the running cost.


Laminated type display electric fuel gauge

Many of the electric bike until now, it had to display the electricity remaining in the voltmeter. It is hard to grasp exact amount of remaining charge. The BIZMOⅡ have adopted an electric fuel gauge on-board power management system of the battery linked was realized "current amount integrated expressions". Making it possible to grasp the exact remaining. In addition, the display is the new high-intensity type of visibility is ensured high even under direct sunlight in digital.

Traveling mode is freely from energy saving in three types to high-speed driving

72V power is to achieve a high torque, the running of the hill does not bother in the loading state. In addition, the motor is added to the regeneration function, by returning the electrical energy during wheel rotation into a battery with no load, providing distraction mileage.



Seat Height715(mm)
Wheel Base1,370(mm)
Capacity1 person
MotorIn-Wheel Motor
Rated/MAX output580W/ 1,950W
Battery72V/44Ah(3 element lithium)
BrakeFront:Disk / Rear:Drum(regeneration function)
Speed FunctionElectronic 3-speed
MAX Speed55km/h (S3 mode)
Range150km (30km/h・flat road)
Climbing Ability14 degree
Charding TimeAbout 7 hours