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Japanese Quality

Professional Team of Japanese Engineers

Terra Motors has contribution from a great team of experienced Japanese engineers. Their career background was in Japanese big car industry or Motorcycle Companies. All of them have dreamt the same dream that is to show Japanese technology to the world.

100% Japanese Design

Terra Motors completely designs our products in Japan. We design our products with Japanese engineering technology that is accumulated for a long term Japanese production history to provide the best quality product in the market.

Attention to minute detail

Terra Motors always sticks to the details from the very first design, development to product manufacture. More than that, Terra Motors engineers check carefully from design appearance to the screws one by one and then provide the market with the best quality products.

Strict Quality Control

Terra Motors is very strict in quality control. We have a clear policy in QC following strategy 5M(Material, Machine, Method, Man, Measurement)and try to improve it day by day to guarantee that no technical mistake will be made.

Battery Technology

The most important technology in electric vehicle is battery. Terra Motors has invested a lot of money and time for modern battery technology. The originally developed and designed Lithium battery by Terra Motors is installed into A4000i. Terra Motors will develop the new battery technology continuously.


Terra Motors always do test driving by Japanese professional rider before launching products in the market. We are serisouly thinking about KAIZEN with feedback from internal and external company.

Support from Japanese Government

Terra Motors is strongly supported by Japanese government. Some projects have been done in some developing countries by Terra Motors with support from Japanese Government.